Hoar Frost on the Culham Trail

The Culham Trail runs alongside the Credit River in Mississauga and is one of our favourite places to take our Beagle for a walk. A couple of weekends ago we arrived at Erindale Park to discover that everything was covered with a beautiful coating of hoar frost. Here’s what it looked like:

Credit River, Mississauga

Credit River, Mississauga

Credit River, Mississauga

The frost combined with the brilliant sunshine made for beautiful scenery, although it was quite cold. Luckily I had brought my camera with me and was able to take some photos before the sunshine melted the frost away.

Here’s a closeup of what the frost looks like on a branch:
Hoar Frost

The first three photos are 3 exposure HDRs processed with SNS HDR (you can translate the page to English using the control in the top right corner if you don’t speak Polish) and then finished off in Photoshop CS6. I started processing HDR images with Photomatix but discovered SNS and I find that it does a much better job of creating “natural” looking HDRs than Photomatix since it only supports exposure fusion and not tone-mapping. I also think SNS has a much nicer interface than Photomatix.

Thanks for taking a look.

One response to “Hoar Frost on the Culham Trail

  1. Beautiful series of winter pictures

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