Albion Falls, Hamilton Ontario

Yesterday, our waterfall Meetup group went to Albion Falls in Hamilton, Ontario. Hamilton calls itself “The waterfall capital of the world” since it boasts 126 waterfalls within its limits. I’ve photographed a few of them over the past year but Albion Falls is, in my opinion, the prettiest of them all.

It’s a little tricky getting down to the base of the falls because of the steep slope and the occasional patch of snow-covered ice, but the effort is well rewarded.

Albion Falls, Hamilton Ontario

Albion Falls, Hamilton Ontario

Albion Falls, Hamilton Ontario

Here’s a shot from up above, before making the descent to the base. Albion Falls is 19m/62ft high and is quite impressive when the water is flowing well.

Albion Falls, Hamilton Ontario

It was cold yesterday at -6 and there were light snow flurries blowing around. This made it tough to keep the lens clear since snow flakes seemed to immediately land on the lens, making many of the shots I took unsuitably blurry. These images are 3 shot HDRs processed using SNS HDR. I used the LX7’s built-in 3 stop ND filter plus another 3 stop filter when taking these.

One response to “Albion Falls, Hamilton Ontario

  1. I’ve said it to so many people going on holiday to see the Niagara falls: “Go to Hamilton. Not too far away from Niagara and you can still enjoy it in all tranquility!”.
    Beautiful pics. Thank you
    Warm greetings From a wonderful village in South Africa

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