About Me

Why the name Mustang Joe?  Take a look up above.  I’ve got three of ’em.  That’s not including the others I used to have.

I’ve recently become interested in editing photos with Photoshop.  I found the best resource for learning Photoshop are the online tutorials at Lynda.com.  For $25 you get a month of unlimited tutorials, all of which are excellent.  That’s less than the cost of one book!  I highly recommend them.

Here’s my equipment:

My Camera

I use a Panasonic DMC-LX7.  Back in the olden days I used to use a Canon AE1-P with all kinds of lenses but when I switched to digital I just couldn’t be bothered lugging all that stuff around with me.  I find the DMC-LX7 to be the perfect compromise between performance and convenience however an important feature for me is that it shoots RAW.

My Software

My Hardware


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