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More storage than you’ll ever need!

Miniscribe 2012 10 MB hard drive

I thought I’d take a photo of this old hard disk that I’ve been using as a paperweight for the past couple of decades. That’s a 10 MB Miniscribe model 2012 hard disk. Megabytes, not gigabytes. I’ve had that for a while as it came out of an old IBM XT that I used to use for programming in the early ’80s. I took the cover off to show off the 4 heads and dual platters. The thing weighs 2.5 kg (5.5 lbs) and makes a heck of a noise when it’s running, not that this one will ever run again. That’s a 16 GB USB flash drive beside it for comparison.

Today it’s hard to imagine having only 10 MB of storage but somehow we made do. I used to write code for Olivetti TC800 banking terminals in assembly language and we only had a 5 MB hard drive on our development machine. The hard drive enclosure was the size of a bar fridge and made a lot of noise.

I took this photo in my kitchen using natural light coming from the patio door. I used two white cards with one for the base and the other for the background, using Photoshop to remove the seam where the background card met the base.

I find it funny that the hard disk doesn’t have enough space to store a single raw photo from my camera. Back then I probably thought, how will I ever run out of space with 10 megabytes at my disposal!